BAO 28 (Lady Indigo) - adult crystal indigo rainbow


adult crystal indigo rainbow - BAO 28 (Lady Indigo)

Am I An Indigo, Crystal Or Rainbow Personality? For 40% you are: Ready for your result? You are a CRYSTAL! Crystals are optimistic natural healers and peacemakers who always think of the big picture.4/5(12). Rainbow Energy itself is very dynamic, free-flowing, robust and palpable in its texture and feel. It is very similar to the energy field of a Rainbow Child. The Indigo and Crystal children have been incarnating on the planet in large numbers since the s (Indigo) and s (Crystal). They are very much the forerunners of the New Earth.

Apr 15,  · Learn more about the characteristics of indigo adults and children here! Search. Other terms emerging in this period are the use of crystal and rainbow children. Those known as crystal children or crystal people are a generation born from a previous generation of indigo parents. The term “star seed” refers to children or people believed. Crystal Adults are very drawn to the healing arts. Singing, dancing, art, cooking, writing or healing work are what they enjoy most. They will often withdraw or remove themselves when the energy around them becomes too intense. Crystal Adults have strong senses, usually, two are extreme.

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