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Dear Abby: Adult daughter is annoyed by her father's playful pats Jeanne Phillips, as Abigail Van Buren. Published am EST, Wednesday, February 17, If you are an adult son or daughter of truly toxic parents who traumatized you, I empathize. I have seen many adult children who have been mistreated and abused by their parents.

Never speak too negatively about your adult child’s partner when they split up, especially if the couple has a habit of breaking up and getting back together. This is a hard one because if someone treats your child wrong -- even your self-sufficient adult child -- your mama/papa bear protection instinct goes on high alert. Adult daughter is annoyed by her father’s playful pats. Jeanne Phillips. DEAR ABBY: I am something years old, and my father still hits my behind sometimes. I feel it is inappropriate, but.

Your adult child holds you emotionally hostage by threatening to hurt or kill herself or himself. Adult children who are truly at risk for self-harm need to be taken seriously. If your child would benefit from monitoring, rather than you do it, might you hire someone, perhaps one of your friends or their adult kid to keep your child on .