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Adult dermatome - MedHelp's Adult dermatome Center for Information, Symptoms, Resources, Treatments and Tools for Adult dermatome. Find Adult dermatome information, treatments for Adult dermatome and Adult dermatome symptoms. Zimmer Biomet ® Electric Dermatome When it comes to skin grafting instruments, Zimmer Biomet, with over 50 years of experience, not only gives you the power of precision, but also the power of choice. You choose the power source that works best for you with Zimmer Biomet's Air or Electric Dermatome surgical grafting instruments.

Jan 10,  · A dermatome is defined as ‘ a strip of skin that is innervated by a single spinal nerve ‘. They are of great diagnostic importance, as they allow the clinician to determine whether there is damage to the spinal cord, and to estimate the extent of a spinal injury if there is one present. Jun 13,  · Takeaway A dermatome is an area of skin that’s supplied by a single spinal nerve. Your spinal nerves help to relay sensory, motor, and autonomic information between the .

Feb 08,  · Adult dermatome. Overview. Understanding the nerve distribution along the dermatomes is helpful in determining how certain diseases, such as shingles and some other neurological conditions, target one area of the body. The letter-number combinations show the relationship between each area and its corresponding sensory nerve. Dec 15,  · A dermatome is the area of the skin of the human anatomy that is mainly supplied by branches of a single spinal sensory nerve root. These spinal sensory nerves enter the nerve root at the spinal cord, and their branches reach to the periphery of the body.