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In , Ohio had a population of M people with a median age of and a median household income of $56, Between 20the population of Ohio grew from M to M, a % increase and its median household income grew from $54, to $56,, a % increase. (b) Except as provided in Section , any person under 21 years of age who purchases any alcoholic beverage, or any person under 21 years of age who consumes any alcoholic beverage in any on-sale premises, is guilty of a misdemeanor.” ; 6. Colorado: on private non alcohol-selling premises, with parental consent.

Ohio: The best place to age in the nation! Find Services in Your Area Learn About Golden Buckeye Staying Connected Service The Ohio Department of Aging fosters sound public policy, research, and initiatives that benefit older Ohioans. Apr 10,  · In Ohio, the legal minimum age to purchase alcohol and the minimum drinking age is However, Ohio, along with 44 other states, allows minors (a person under the age of 21) to consume alcohol under some circumstances. Here, we will discuss the Ohio alcohol laws for minors and some underage drinking penalties. Ohio Alcohol Laws for Minors.

Mar 06,  · However, Ohio legal ages laws do not provide specific ages for a number of these. For instance, Ohio law doesn't state the ages at which a minor is eligible for emancipation or able to provide legal consent to medical treatment. However, Ohio law does indirectly provide for the emancipation of minors in some limited situations. The alcohol laws of the United States regarding minimum age for purchase have changed over time. In colonial America, generally speaking, there were no drinking ages, and alcohol consumption by young teenagers was common, even in taverns. In post-Revolutionary America, such laxity gradually changed due to religious sentiments (as embodied in the temperance .