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Learning how other professions deal with ethical dilemmas can lead to more insights about the ethics of adult education practice. Although this approach may be helpful, Brockett warns against uncritical adoption of practices that are incompatible with . Identify themes that could surround ethical and law-related issues (Brockett and Hiemstra, , pp. , 5, , , 9, 19, 25, ) Recognise and respond to power and control issues and ethical dilemmas in adult and counselling education (Brocket and Hiemstra, , pp. ).

contrasts sharply with the only other book on ethics and adult education of which I am aware. This latter book, edited by Ralph Brockett and published ten years ago by Teachers College Press, Columbia University in New York under the title, Ethical issues in adult education, consists of thirteen essays mostly by North American academics. Two areas of ethical dilemmas are encountered in program planning: those affiliated with needs, whether "felt" or "expressed" or whether unacknowledged by the learner; and those related to fee structures. Brockett () suggests the following ideas for promoting ethical practice in adult education: examine oneself, reflect on ethics in practice, examine the practices of other Author: Susan Imel.