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Now the oldest C2 Furuba community! OMG, since ! Oldest of 81! Go us!Welcome to Fruits Basket Basket! No, its not a typo, its just a big basket of good old BL pentai.xyz of you may not know me, since I haven't been online in about a year. But I'm back, managing this. Wow, I'm suprised its still fourth in the subscriber count. fruitsbasket kyo anime kyosohma sohma yuki yukisohma tohru tohruhonda shigure akito zodiac fruits hatori momiji hatsuharu basket blackbutler furuba shiguresohma 1K Stories Sort by: Hot.

Fruits Basket x reader by Ava 1K 98 13 You are Toruh Honda's twin sister and will be with her through everything you are both protective over each other and your life changes when you meet new people:) I . Anime/Manga: Fruits Basket fanfiction archive with over 17, stories. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans.

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