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Jun 18,  · Maltese dogs often tend to suffer from diseases such as hypoglycemia, dental problems, tracheal collapse, and luxating patella. Other diseases that can happen for a Maltese dog comprise corneal ulcer, liver shunt, and congenital deafness. 1. Serious health problems in Maltese that can require expensive surgery dental disease – bad teeth and infected gums a weak windpipe (collapsing trachea) that causes chronic coughing loose knee joints (luxating patella) that cause lameness and pain a severe liver disease called liver shunt heart.

Ideally, your Maltese needs a good daily brushing. This prevents mats from forming, the bane of many a Maltese's existence. The fine, silky hair tends to mat easily, which can lead to skin infections. Even if a mat never gets to that stage, removing it isn't fun for you or your dog.