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Instead, put together a fresh list of games for adults that combine fun with just a little competition. Pool Pong Provided you're enjoying alcohol responsibly, grab a few plastic cups and use some ping-pong balls for a twist on the traditional party game of beer pong. Nighttime adult swimming pool parties are even more fun with the help of some glowing gadgets. Although the glow in thedark Starlight Swimming Game Kit was created for kids, who’s to say that the adults can’t sneak it out for some fun after dark too?

Pool Floats for Backyard Pool Party Ideas for Adults You can never have too many pool floats. For this party we wanted to keep the feeling as tropical so we bought a watermelon, strawberry and flamingo floats for our friends. And we bought a baby pool float to use as our floating cooler. As far as pool party food ideas for adults go, if a lot of fun is to be had swimming and participating in activities, then it might be better to cook lighter proteins like chicken or fish in place of burgers or hot dogs. Your barbecue can be utilized for all kinds of creative entrées like flatbread pizza, kebabs or grilled shrimp.

Here are our adult pool party ideas on how to create the perfect get together that will put you and your guests at ease, knowing you've attended to every detail. Step 1: Pool Party Themes Style the party by incorporating themed decorations and party supplies that will make a splash without taking a big bite out of the budget.