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Reddit/Thumbsuckers is a community for Thumbsuckers and non-Thumbsuckers alike to post discussions questions or polls regarding the thumbsucking habit the only rules in this community are 1 no profanity 2 no posts pushing other Thumbsuckers to quit based on your own bad experiences 3 no sexualizing of Thumbsucking in posts and comments or. Causes of thumb sucking as an adult Adults who suck their thumbs may find that it reduces anxiety and stress, helping them to calm down. It’s .

Maybe a celebrity endorsement is just what we need to give this whole adult thumb sucking awareness cause a shot in the arm. The obvious choice would be America's sweetheart, Jennifer Lawrence. She's been seen not only walking around with her thumb in her mouth, but also carrying an adorable teddy bear. Adult thumb sucking is less common, and it usually happens because the natural habit was never broken. There are no serious medical concerns associated with thumb sucking until a child reaches six or eight years. The reasons for adult thumb sucking vary, but most do it .

Adult Thumb Suckers Come Out October 6, / PM / WebMD Thumbsucker, an indie movie that generated a lot of buzz at this year's Sundance Film Festival, is the story of a . Sandra Trebinski of the Hypnotherapy Centre, in Windsor, Berkshire, sees at least or adult thumb-suckers a month — and believes the habit can be .