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adult tiger beetle - Liliane Tiger anal

Jul 22,  · Tiger beetle adults feed on other small insects and arthropods. They use their speed and long mandibles to snatch their prey before it can escape. Tiger beetle larvae are also predaceous, but their hunting technique is quite the opposite of the adults. The larvae sit and wait in vertical burrows in sandy or dry soil. Adult tiger beetles are medium-sized, elongate beetles characterized by their usually brilliant metallic green, blue, red, and yellow coloration highlighted by stripes and spots. Adults are ferocious, swift, and agile predators that seize small prey with powerful sickle-shaped jaws. Tiger beetle larvae are also predatory.

May 25,  · Like all beetles, tiger beetles have "complete" metamorphosis with egg, larval, pupal, and adult stages. Female tiger beetles place eggs into small holes dug into soil. Upon hatching, larvae find dry soil and constuct vertical tubes where they will later pupate. Adults emerge from the tubes in summer. Jan 10,  · The adult Salt Creek tiger beetle has a two year life cycle and spends 11 months of the year underground, surfacing for only about six weeks, from around mid June through July. Adults are found in the moist, muddy areas within just a few yards of wetland and stream edges.

» The adult tiger beetles are usually ½ inch long with slender legs and long antennae. The common species of tiger beetles are usually grayish-brown to black in color, with white spots on their wing cover, which is also known as elytra. The elytra protects the actual membranous wings of .