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Tijuana Donkey Show Uploaded 10/03/ Straight from their dirty debut in Tijuana, Kinky Kelly is taking it on the road. Sep 22,  · Look for the Tijuana Donkey Show Though with the number of people in the world who will claim to have seen one or who knows someone who has seen one, these shows must go on in stadiums! They would not be hard to find if they existed. You can visit Tijuana and head to Revolution Street or Calle Cahuilla and look for a dark alley.

The Tijuana Donkey Show Video: Vegas has a similar scam with Celine Dion. The authentico version of the TJ Donkey Show usually is held in a dirt floor bar or discoteca a dance floor where patrons are taxi-cabbed in and the cabbies get a cut. Oct 16,  · Three years later, the search for a donkey show in Tijuana is a plot point in the Tom Cruise film, Losin' It; by the mids, a pioneering ska band called themselves The Donkey Show — .

Jul 28,  · Oh man. Tijuana. Easily one of the most popular mongering locations in Mexico, and its proximity to San Diego makes it popular for Americans as well, since it’s just a few minutes away for the most part. This place is popular for a reason, and it’s not just because of how accessible it is. Tijuana crams a lot of action into a very small area, making their Red Light District one of the. A donkey show is a supposed type of live sex show in which a woman engages in bestiality with a donkey, which, according to urban legend and some works of fiction, were once performed in the Mexican border city of Tijuana, particularly in the midth century. Gustavo Arellano, in his Ask a Mexican column, argues that donkey shows are not real.