more video, link in comment - always adult link oot


always adult link oot - more video, link in comment

Feb 16,  · This moment, from entering the Temple as a kid to exiting it as an adult, carries with it a sense of mystery and reluctancy, of Link being . Jan 29,  · ADULT Ocarina of Time Link. MisterHero. Member. Oct 25, 4, Jan 29, # NES Link who was Solid SOAP One Winged Slayer. Member. Nov 27, 2, Jan 29, Zelda 1, Zelda 2 and ALTTP's Links always strike me as 16 year old teenagers, give or take a year. Zen. Member. Nov 1, 7, Jan 29, # I always.

Dec 16,  · A very important weapon Link receives in the Forest Temple and can only be used by his adult form. In addition to fighting enemies, the bow is also used to solve various puzzles. This is a staple. (* Means Item Can Be Equipped By Adult Link Only) 00 Deku Sticks 01 Deku Nuts 02 Bombs 03 Fairy Bow* 04 Fire Arrow* 05 Din's Magic 06 Slingshot 07 Fairy Ocarina 08 Ocarina of Time 09 Bombchus 0A Hookshot* 0B Longshot* 0C Ice Arrow* 0D Farores' Magic 0E Boomerang 0F Lens of Truth 10 Beans 11 Megaton Hammer (this item can also be used as a child.

Feb 24,  · The Adult Timeline exists because Link is transported into a real future, given the foundational events in the old past. Since this would have been the natural progression of time, the people living in this time period are real as well, and go on living even through Ganondorf’s takeover of Hyrule as if their seven years had gone by naturally. I also always get Big Goron's Sword and the Iron Boots before doing any Adult Link dungeons (not to mention a free Red tunic from the young Goron while doing the former, and a free Blue tunic from King Zora while doing the latter). But that has little to .