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Mar 18,  · After eight long years, the Bleach anime is returning!. In the recent issue of Jump Magazine in Japan, it was revealed that creator Tite Kubo's popular Shonen series will return in The anime Author: Phillip Martinez. During the opening of the anime, there are sexual undertones. A close-up is shown as a character sits down and crosses her legs. Later on, there is a double image of the same character, but one of them falls into the other, landing her head between the other one's breasts.

Bleach (–) Parents Guide Add to guide. Showing all 58 items Jump to: Certification; Sex Sex & Nudity. There is an episode where an animal transforms into a woman with no cloths. Rather than covering up, she flaunts it before putting a shirt on. Anime Have Watched a list of 44 titles created 3 months ago My TV Shows. Parents Guide: Bleach (–) Sex & Nudity (6) Mild; Each espada has a number embedded on parts of their body to show their rank but one of the espada, Tier harribel, has her number on the lower part of her breast. Though most of her breast are covered but the lower side with the number isn't.

11) Harribel, Bleach. Bleach is a treasure trove of improbable and impossible fashions, but Harribel gets a special mention for basically punching the laws of . The anime adaptation has been similarly received; it was rated as the fourth most popular anime television series in Japan in and held a position among the top ten anime .