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Aug 28,  · This extension of parental control works automatically from the first moment you install it. And users do not notice anything different when using the computer. The browser works normally but the extension runs in the background and scans the content of all the sites visited. When it detects pornographic or adult content, then it blocks 4/5(). Jan 08,  · Visits of popular adult sites -- for research -- did not result in these sites being added to the Top Sites or Highlights listing on the New Tab Page. Disabling the filter in Firefox would make these visited sites appear eventually (I had to dismiss one item to get these to display, probably because of caching). Catalin Cimpanu, who discovered the filter, notes that the filter prevents [certain] adult sites from appearing in the Top sites and Highlights section of Firefox's .

The Firefox add-ons library features a number of extensions designed to block and filter adult websites and other inappropriate content. ProCon Latte, MetaSurf and Blocksi all use . 3 Ways to Block and Unblock Internet Sites with Firefox - wikiHow.

Speak to your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Many have filtering and parental controls they can put in place to reduce the chances of seeing that You may wish to use a Firefox Add-on. A . Built-in Parental Controls let you block websites or filter website content in Firefox or any other browser. Set up parental controls on Mac at Windows XP doesn't have built-in .