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May 19,  · Our May Church Leaders Roundtable focused on adult faith formation. Some of the conversation centered around education topics and curriculum. Here are the resources roundtable participants shared. While there are many excellent resources available for children’s curriculum, it can be difficult to find resources for adult education. The Christian Broadcasting Network. CBN is a global ministry committed to preparing the nations of the world for the coming of Jesus Christ through mass media.

Sep 13,  · Selfless love is the priority for every Christian. These verses are the most eloquent and profound words ever written on the subject of love. To comment on its parts is a bit like giving a botany lecture on a beautiful flower--if you’re not careful you lose the beauty and impact of it. The small group is a growing focus in many Christian churches, according to Christianity Today. Gathering in smaller numbers offers more intimacy than the typical Sunday morning service allows. Still, even in small groups, bonding can take effort. Fortunately, many games are available to help break the ice in your.

Topic #1 – Prayer – Prayer is always an important topic and it is a great idea for adult Christian lessons for your class. There are many great places in the Bible that talk about prayer, and whether you want to make this topic a one time lesson or a series of lessons, this is a topic that will be helpful and inspirational to your class. Ideas for Adults to Grow in Faith Ideas for Adults to Grow in Faith Goal — This workshop is designed to help participants discover adult education opportunities and resources for use in the setting of the local church. Objectives — Activities in this workshop are designed to enable participants to: 1.